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  • Prof. Faye McNeill from Columbia University is a leading scientist in the field of multiphase processes of atmospheric aerosol and ice in the environment. Her main research goal is to combine modelling and experiments in order to create links between molecular scale laboratory observations and large scale models of atmospheric chemistry and climate, thus improving prognostic ability of the latter.

  • Prof. Ari Laaksonen is a full professor at the  Finnish Meteorological Institute. He is a distinguished atmospheric scientist whose work unites experimental observations and theoretical modeling of aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, in particular gas-particle processes, with an outstanding expertise in adsorption and heterogeneous nucleation. He is the lead developer of the novel Adsorption Nucleation Theory of heterogeneous nucleation.

  • Dr. Marcello Sega is a group leader at Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nurnberg. His research focuses on molecular scale studies of condensed phases with a special interest in  the microscopic structure and dynamics of fluid surfaces. He uses a variety of state of the art computational methods to link atomistic scale structure to macroscopic properties of condensed phases and interfaces.

  • Prof. Valeria Molinero is a distinguished professor at the University of Utah. She is a world reknowned expert in computer simulations and statistical mechanical modelling of phase transformations of disordered phases. Her pioneering work on coarse grained and multiscale modelling of phase transitions in water is a landmark in the field of theoretical  investigations of heterogeneous ice nucleation.

  • Prof. Amir Haji-Akbari is a young professor from Yale whose research focuses on computational modeling of kinetics and thermodynamics of phase transitions at a nanoscale. Different modes of ice nucleation are among his main domains of interest, which makes him an outstanding expert in molecular simulations of ice nucleation using state-of-the-art enhanced sampling methods.

  • Prof. Markus Ammann from the Paul Scherrer Institute is a well-known expert in aerosol science. His research interests include heterogeneous atmospheric chemistry, aerosol surface processes and gas/particle interactions. He uses and ensemble of  molecular simulations, X-ray absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy  and theoretical modelling to give a detailed description of various physico-chemistry processes occuring at the gas/particle interface of aerosols.

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