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All times are indicated in CET

08:50 Introduction

09:00-10:05 Gas-particle Interactions 1

Chair: Josip Lovric and Athanasios Nenes

09:00 Markus Ammann:  Interfacial chemical composition, reactivity and water structure on mineral oxides and aqueous solutions 

09:35 Clara Becote: Application of coupling between an acoustic levitator and mass spectrometry for investigating evaporation process of single secondary organic aerosol particle

09:50 Alain Miffre: Numerical simulations and field experiments to remotely observe atmospheric photocatalytic nucleation events occurring at the vicinity of mineral dust surfaces

10:05 Break

10:15-11:20 Heterogeneous ice nucleation 1: deposition freezing and heterogeneous chemistry at ice surfaces

Chair: Athanasios Nenes and Katerina Karadima

10:15 Ari Laasonen: Temperature dependence of deposition ice nucleation: possible processes occurring on non-porous surfaces

10:50 Reka Horvath: Oxidation of n-butylformate at the surface of ice as seen from multiscale modeling

11:05 Huanyu Yang: Deposition freezing 

11:20 Break

11:30-12:35 Characterization  of particle surfaces, particle-particle interactions

Chair: Katerina Karadima and Maria Lbadaoui-Darvas

11:30 Marcello Sega:  Interfacial analysis of fluid interfaces

12:05 Vangelis Harmandaris: Characterization of liquid/solid interfaces via hierarchical simulations across scales

12:20 Dimitrios Tsalikis: Mechanics of molecular collisions in air from detailed molecular dynamics simulations

12:35 Break

13:45-14:50 Heterogeneous ice nucleation 2: ice nucleation at free interfaces

Chair: Maria Lbadaoui-Darvas and Celine Toubin

13:45 Amir Haji-Akbari: Free interfaces and ice nucleation: from surface freezing to contact freezing

14:20 Richard A. Opoku: Theoretical Study of core electron binding energies of halogenated species adsorbed on ice

14:35 Xiao-Ying Yu: In situ molecular imaging of the air-liquid and solid-liquid interface of relevance to aerosol

14:50 Break

15:00-16:05 Heterogeneous ice nucleation 3: ice nucleating agents 

Chair: Celine Toubin and Satoshi Takahama

15:00 Valeria Molinero: Ice nucleation without supercooling: on the search for the most potent ice nucleants

15:35 Konrad Meister: Bacterial Ice Nucleation

15:50 Panagiotis Mermigkis: Study of the phase state of aerosol Nanoparticles based on their free volume distribution

16:05 Break

16:15-17:20 Gas-particle interactions 2: multiphase chemistry and organic aerosol

Chair: Satoshi Takahama and Josip Lovric

16:15 Faye McNeill: Multiphase atmospheric chemistry: A peek at the interface

16:50 Chaya Weeraratna: A direct probe of the hydrogen bond network in aqueous glycerol aerosol

17:05 Oleg Kostko: Probing local electronic structure of histidine in aqueous aerosols


16:15 Break

17:20Concluding remarks

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